Affiliate Program


Our affiliate program is now automatically available to anyone interested!!!

The NLS Affiliate Program enables anyone to easily earn a lot of money online at any time using our website. 
All that is required is an internet connection, free NLS account and an ability to professionally communicate.
We're always looking for more clients to take advantage of our services and take their lives to the next levels and we offer an increasingly-endless amount of unique, customizable services for all needs and purposes.
Beyond that, we offer our services completely free to first time clients and those that record a testimonial.
Also those that provide testimonials get free next level promotion of themselves or whatever was improved
so it is a win for everyone as the client gets a promotion, the NLS agent gets a commission and anyone else.
We are constantly bringing in more clients and completing more cases and taking things to the next levels
and of course we are making more and more money over time as things get easier and easier exponentially.

So where do you take part in all of this?
And what kind of money will you make?

Your job as an affiliate is to bring in new potential clients to take their businesses, products, services, ideas as well as themselves and their personal lives to the next levels. We go above and beyond all related services and 
we guarantee every person can endlessly-valuably benefit from our services and even give them free to prove it

You can now earn increasing passive residual income finding new clients to get NLS
You can make more and more money daily, automatically, Even while you are asleep!

Closed Clients & Affiliate Recruits = Commission Pay & Passive Income For Life


Multilevel marketing took our company and our services to the next levels.
It gives us the ability to do things daily that we couldn't possibly do before.



Personal Referrals = 40% Commission
(When you know the person personally)

Regular Referrals = 35% Commission
(When you bring in new clients to NLS)

Affiliate Referrals = 10% Commissions
(When their clients pay us for services)

2nd Level/Tier Referral = Additional Party


Partial commissions are paid from profit from clients of agents you recruited to NLS
In other words, you will earn pay from your referrals, recruits and all of theirs as well.


  • Weekly, Biweekly Or Monthly Pay Rate

  • Direct Deposit, Payment App Or Crypto

  • 35% Commission For Regular Referrals
    (Get Paid 35% Of Profits From Clients)

  • 10% Commission For Recruit's Clients
    (Pay Of Clients Of Affiliates You Refer)

  • Split Commissions With Other Affiliates
    (You Can Work With Others And Split It)

  • You Can Also Earn In Our Marketplace
    (Buy, Sell Or Trade Anything Fully Free)

    You May Also Earn Credit (Digital Cash)

If you would like to start our affiliate program today, please contact us 860-731-8681