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*FAKE AD* Need somewhere to rehearse!

Trade type: Please help me with...
Owner: Holland Morrell
Category: Something Not Listed (please specify)
Price: 1.00 HR

Hey, this is a fake ad!

So I desperately need somewhere to rehearse with my band. There's ten of us and we mostly play zithers although Bob plays the kazoo and Sarah plays boomwhackers (but she can only play two at a time). Personally, I'm thinking about chiming in with my thumb piano and/or rainstick.

We could really do with somewhere safe where we can socially distance and rehearse, maybe outside? But with the permission of the person in charge of the land obviously. We might play zithers but that doesn't mean we're criminals.

We're all quite close to Bentley so somewhere near there would be awesome...any ideas?

We'll pay 1 Fringecoin for each hour of rehearsal time.